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Everything You Should Know About Roofing Inspection Checklist

Jun 28


When it comes to roof inspections few homeowners place it on their top list of things to do. We tend to take our roofs for granted until we discover a leak. However, a bit of regular maintenance can make a difference.

The roof is the primary line of defensethat protects your home from weather damage, and can take quite a beating when it changes seasons. Sun, wind, rain and snow, lichen, trees, and everything in between will lead to your roof deteriorating over time.


It is important to ensure that the roofing materials and installation are of top quality. Regular inspections through Advosy construction will ensure that your roof is properly maintained and any damage that occurs early is addressed quickly. This will enable you to address small problems before replacing the roof in the future.


We recommend that your roof be examined at least two times per year.


Do I need a roofing inspection?

Preventative roofing maintenance includes roof inspection. If you get your roof inspected and you'll gain valuable information about the condition of your roof.


A roof inspection is a great way to answer these and other questions about the roofing. This is why Arizona roofing companies offer these options to homeowners.


  • Are the roofs installed correctly?

  • Have the roofs been damaged by recent winds or hail storms?

  • What is the state of the roof, or its expected lifespan?

  • Is your roof leaky?

  • What repairs are needed?

What is the significance of Roof Inspection?

A exterior and an interior inspection will be conducted to evaluate the structure of the roof.


The following are the three fundamental steps that a roofing contractor should be following:


Interior Inspection

In the beginning, your Advosy Inspector will look at the interior of your home, including ceilings as well as walls and attic locations for evidence of rain, wind or hail damage. Leaks within your home particularly around chimneys and skylights, can be a sign of severe damage.


Exterior Roofing Inspection

The professional will go around your home to check for chimneys, gutters and vents. At the same time, the home's siding and eaves are inspected for water stains on the exterior, hail dings, and signs of dry decay.


The roofer then be able to climb the roof in order to look at the construction, flashing vents, and chimney. Common roof problems are cracked, cracked, missing or cupped roof shingles as well as damaged tiles or shakes. The inspector will be looking for granules in the gutter as well as the downspout. This could indicate that the shingles are nearing the end of their lifespan (shingles without coating granules may be vulnerable to UV radiation and can break and crack leaving water to seep into the surface).


He will check for cupped roof shingles. This is an indication that the attic has not properly vented, and assess your attic ventilation, insulation and moisture levels when required. He will check for damaged flashings, missing flashings cracked chimney bricks, cracks or gaps in seams, and look out for signs of algae growth (unsightly but rarely damaging black streaks).


Exterior Gutter Inspection

Finally, the state of your gutters will be scrutinized. The roofing contractors in Arizona will be looking for signs of problems that could be caused by improper installation, debris build-up, or warped material. The roofer will look for any holes, sealants and leaks, paying special attention to hangers, pitches, aprons and any signs of sagging.



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